Top 10 things to do in Prague

Thinking, where to go out? On a trip, on a long weekend? Prague is a beautiful historical city in the middle of Europe. But it is not just a favorite place for lovers of monuments, also enthusiasts in modern art and contemporary architecture find it interesting. Plus, it’s really lively city. Day and night. In summer and winter. You always  have plenty of options, what to do in Prague.

But what should you surely not omit? What are the best Prague tourist attractions and what places to visit in Prague should not be forgotten?

Here we bring you top 10 things to do in Prague:

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1. Old Town Square with Town Hall and Old Town Astronomical Clock

2. Prague Castle with St. Welcome

3. Charles Bridge

4. Monastery of St. Agnes

5. National Gallery in Prague

6. National Heroic Heydrichiyah Monument

7. The Jewish City

8. Wallenstein Palace

9. Františkánská, Vrtbovská and Valdštejnská garden

10. Kampa and the adjoining aisle on the Lesser Town

Prague is full of historical monuments and cultural facilities, where you can see various exhibitions or performances. It is very difficult to choose the best places in Prague. It depends on what you are interested in, whether you want to admire historical and cultural monuments, or just take into the atmosphere of the city and relax in the garden to enjoy coffee or wine. And Czech beer. This has a very long tradition in Bohemia. The oldest mention of beer brewing is from Břevnov Monastery since 993. Czech beer is famous all over the world and for many people it belongs among  the top Praguattractions 😊 For better orientation we bring you the best of Prague’s best overview at

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